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Environmental Energy Controls delivers turnkey "End-to-End" solutions relating to Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)



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Systems we can offer complete solutions for:

  • Existing BEMS (Building Energy Management systems)

    We can refine and integrate with most BEMS manufacturers. Even systems that promote "Open Protocol" you can quickly discover these aren't as open as led to believe. We can add open protocol devices to make these truly adjustable. We can maintain and provide services from many of our service partners, ensuring if your sytem is closed protocol we can still help. You always have options, even if you've been told otherwise!

  • Smart Cities

    The rise of “smart cities” has generated new applications of the Niagara Framework®. Our open platform allows communities to build an ecosystem of interconnected commercial buildings, smart grids, water utility management, transportation applications and government services administration. Niagara can help municipalities operate with greater efficiency, awareness and intelligence while maintaining and enhancing their current infrastructure.

  • Industrial Systems

    With Niagara, your unique way of doing business can become even more powerful. Niagara connects disparate business, operations and manufacturing systems so you can access the right information at the right time to optimize current conditions and production output. Use Niagara to expand and maximize your manufacturing practices—enhance Andon systems, line synchronization, track and trace capabilities, continuous commissioning and preventive maintenance. Collect data in real time from multiple systems and diverse equipment, improve your energy management and easily monitor key performance indicators.

  • Data Centres

    The Niagara Framework® provides a single point of access into critical data center assets, giving users the real-time visibility needed to improve operational efficiency, increase uptime and reliability and maximize energy management.From Insight to Efficiency: Niagara Data Center Solutions. The Niagara Framework connects diverse devices throughout the world. With Niagara’s data center solutions, you can extend that control into the white space with a single set of tools that provide visibility and control over your environment.

Smart City

Our company ensures you achieve maximum savings.

On many sites, the original "As designed" BEMS system is no longer achieving its purpose. Unfortunately years can pass without any action and the "Its always operated this way" ethos is slowly adopted. A simple site performance snapshot can be the best way to get your BEMS system back on track. To find out how our approach could save you thousands contact us for further details.

Are you in control of your buildings energy costs?


Manage your sites with complete security.

By using the latest and innovative technologies, we have a proven track record in delivering results, from complete maintenance and reactive packages, through to the most complex of installation projects.

Improved building performance without the need to completely remove a buildings existing BEMS, is an area of expertise ensuring clients save thousands. Return on investement (ROI) can be as little as six months. For further information contact us now and realise your potential savings.

Latest techniques in connected online smart metering, complete tracking of your energy consumption. Our Bureau is ready to monitor your property 24/7/365


Connecting to your Buildings, HVAC and Critical Assets

By connecting your building to our Bureau we can Monitor, Improve and report upon all operating equipment conditions. What does this mean? Simply put, Complete peace of mind. Should any critical faults or problems develop automatic action is taken to prevent any loss of service.

  • Specialist Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Services
  • Fully Manned support helpdesk (24/7/365)
  • Engineer Network Throughout the UK
  • Critical monitoring services (Data Centres, CCTV, Chillers, HVAC)
  • Full Meter collecting data services ( Energy Dashboards, Analysis systems)
  • Automated fault reporting (Text SMS, Email and Voice)
  • Integration with all Major BEMS manufacturers for complete visibility
  • Energy Analytics applications
  • Smart monitoring and reporting via email and SMS messages
  • Energy and asset dashboards
  • Easy visibility of all your connected devices
  • Save

  • Monitor

  • Connect

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