Environmental Energy Controls for Energy.

Environmental Energy Controls aim to provide the complete managed Energy reduction packages. Smart Metering, Integration and best practice.

Energy is everyones business

No matter the size of your property there is always room for improvment, some of our biggest success stories started as a quick on site check which then allowed us to easily identify severe energy waste. Once we submit our findings, action can be quickly taken to achieve instant savings and add directly back to your bottom line. in most cases the client thought their site was already operating under best practice guidleines. Let us be the fresh pair of eyes in your building and find out what you could save.

Energy Reduction

We can help you implement the kind of practical changes that will make a difference to your business energy consumption. Our energy team can install energy saving devices and equipment for energy saving projects. You can spread the cost of your projects over your energy bills, allowing payback periods as short as 6 months. We offer user interfaces giving you the power to control your devices, all in one platform.

We offer equipment that can reduce your boiler gas consumption, Chiller Electric consumption, Fan coil unit operation times and ensures that your BEMS system operates as it should. With our latest Analytics packages your building will conform to set rules, thus removing the human error element.

The simplest changes can have the biggest impact but if not managed automatically these can be quickly lost. If you would like to find out more about our energy services contact us for further details.

Systems we can save energy on.

  • Existing BEMS (Building Energy Management systems)

    We can refine and integrate with most BEMS manufacturers. Even systems that promote "Open Protocol" you can quickly discover these aren't as open as led to believe. We can add open protocol devices to make these truly adjustable.

  • Boilers and Heating Systems

    Most commercial Buildings have a heat source. From Natural gas powered boilers, Oil, Electric or CHP the building main boilers always have gas saving potential. We can supply and fit Boiler gas saver units when can reduce your gas consumption by upto 12%.

  • Chillers and Cooling (a/C systems)

    Commercial properties can require large amounts of cooling to keep the occupants comfortable. Whether you have large chillers or indoor A/C units we have a range of products that can reduce electric load, prevent tampering and improve internal conditions.

  • Lighting systems

    In modern buildings lighting control can be integrated with. Our systems can directly communicate with lighting controls and allow for more intelligent switching. Lighting controls can vastly reduce electrical loads if correctly configured.

Environmental Energy Controls Delivers: Connectivity, Ingenuity, Choice.

The evolution of technology and connected devices offers a huge opportunity for businesses, and at the same time presents new challenges. Tridium’s Niagara Framework® is designed to help businesses capture, store and access data at any second of the day, from any place in the world.

Niagara is the trusted technology for leading companies worldwide, as well as a loyal and active community of integrators, end users, consultants, manufacturers, developers and resellers. Its ability to help businesses drive operational efficiencies, improve ROI and reduce costs has driven adoption across multiple industries—from commercial buildings to data centers, manufacturing plants and smart cities.

Connecting to your Buildings, HVAC and Systems

Niagara 4 builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework® in new and exciting ways. It’s less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster and easier to use. Now end users can directly access, analyze and act on a wide range of operational data. A truly open framework, Niagara 4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualization and new search, security and navigation tools.

  • Prototype

  • Scale

  • Manage

The Internet of Things connects billions of devices worldwide, enabling access, control and monitoring of systems from anywhere at anytime. With Tridium, you can go even further—as far as your imagination can take you.

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