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Environmental Energy Controls approaches every project with the best solution possible. All of our works are provided at the highest quality, at the best prices and on time. Contact us for further details of how we can help deliver your next project.

On-Site electrical Installs and Commissioning

As an member of the NICEIC we provide a complete supervision and installation service, fully complying with the Regulations of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Our site staff have long-term experience of low voltage, BMS cable installation and site management, covering:

  • Industrial and commercial power cable installation
  • Control monitoring and building management systems
  • Computer data cable management and installation
  • Containment and Power
  • Project Mangement services
  • Trades Co-ordination
  • Design and Manufacture

Control Panel Manufacture

Environmental Energy Controls Motor Control Centres (MCC) built to Form 2, 3 and 4 are manufactured using quality components. These are constructed and wired within the enclosures to the previously prepared and approved design. Fault rated busbar systems, matched to withstand the calculated loads at each MCC, are assembled to an ASTA Certified System using high conductivity copper. Following completion, each MCC is thoroughly tested to check compatibility with control software programs and temperature control devices. 500-volt insulation tests ensure that the MCC complies fully with Electrical Safety Regulations, prior to despatch from the workshop.

Control Software and programming

All of our engineers are certified to the highest level of Software control and programming for all of our engineered solutions. Collectively we have over 200 years experience with all new and emerging techniques being implemented. As with all developing markets we want to ensure that the systems we install and more importantly how these save energy are doing so with maximum efficiency. All of our solutions are engineered to the highest security levels and IOT standards.

Your solution, your equipment

After every installation the client receives all the required software, equipment and tools to maintain or modify the system, should this be required. Where many companies can hold their own clients to years of service agreements, we believe that all of our customers should have the freedom of choice at any given time. Naturally every company wants to retain customers but this should be based on service, trust and choice, not because the manufacturer dictates to the end user who can only be allowed to provide service agreements. All of our systems are fully open protocol, allowing you to stay in control.

Twelve Month Warranty

All of Environmental Energy Controls installations are covered by a full twelve month warranty as standard. No hidden charges, no additonal costs. Peace of mind that once we have completed, we fully resolve any faults that develop after completion. Our service department maintain the installations after completion. Contact us for more information.

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